The Weather Today

Sunday, 19 November

Today in Dili

25°C - 29°C

Overcast throughout the day.


ENE 2.6km/h

0.3073 mm/pH

06:08 18:40
19°C - 22°C Aileu District Aileu
19°C - 24°C Ainaro District Ainaro
23°C - 26°C Baucau District Baucau
25°C - 29°C Dili District Dili
20°C - 24°C Gleno District Ermera
23°C - 27°C Liquica District Liquica
23°C - 26°C Lospalos District Lautem
22°C - 26°C Maliana District Bobonaro
24°C - 29°C Manatuto District Manatuto
19°C - 24°C Pante Makasar District Oecusse
20°C - 26°C Same District Manufahi
24°C - 30°C Suai District Covalima
24°C - 29°C Viqueque District Viqueque

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